Special handicap transportation in bavaro punta cana

The Special Handicap Transportation service is very essencial for a person with disabilities. But here, in Punta Cana, this means that everyone in your family, no matter the disability, will be able to join you on vacation and enjoy this paradise. Our website offers Punta Cana Bavaro transportation using a very comfortable handicapped wheelchair accessible shuttle. The shuttle count with enough room for five passengers and at least 6 bags. The shuttle has a special wheelchair lift that allows the person with disability to ride on it and get into the vehicle very easily witout stress.

The wheelchair accessible shuttle in punta cana can be scheduled by just filling the form at the bottom of this page. Remember that prices vary depending on different reasons like the season, the passengers, bags, city, etc. We usually book this ride within Punta Cana, but we can arrange it for some close by cities like La Romana, Santo Domingo, Higuey.

Don’t lose the chance to visit this beautiful city because of your mobility limitations. We also can arrange some Mobility Device or Briefing Device in order for you to be prepared with everything you might need when coming on vacation. If you need to come for some special celebration or any exciting event, you will be able to do it with ease. The shutte will pick you up anywhere you decide it to pick you up. Usually it is booked to pick you up at the airport, but here you decide where it should be.

This service counts with very good professional drivers with enough experience related to Airport Tranportation for tourists and handling services for people with disabilities. Down here, we show you some feautures that includes the service and some other special information. This wheelchair accessible shuttle in punta cana will be the solution you were looking for.

Special handicapped transportation in punta cana


The handicap transportation in Punta Cana can be used for transporting disabled passengers and includes different features according to your needs. In the next lines, we describe how this work and how easy will be for you to schedule it.

In the handicap shuttle service in punta cana, you will be provided with wifi, AC, and video. You are also able to have some snacks, soft drinks, water, etc in the car. This is a very spacious shuttle able to fit 5-6 passengers and baggage up to 5-6 bags. In regards to the price, we can say that is not very expensive in comparison with other kinds of transportation services. We do not have fixed prices because this may vary as we explained before. Here we can show you an average price depending on the passengers and bags included. Also, if you would like to include some extras will be an extra charge. Down here we have some averages for transportation inside Punta Cana Bavaro.


– 3 Pax and 3 bags  –  $140

– 4 Pax and 4 bags  –  $160

– 5 Pax and 5 bags  –  $180


The Handicapped shuttle service or handicaps transfers punta cana will be a great option to start your vacations when coming to our country. Remember to fill out the form and let us know at any time how you feel and what are your plans, so we can help you and arrange a great service for you. We are going to be available 24/7 for you. Let’s remind that this service also can work as a transportation services for bed bound patients.


Handicap briefing devices in punta cana

With our Handicap Briefing Devices, we recognize how important it is for travellers to rent one of these if you are having health complications and would like to visit our country. You will not have any blockers if you really would like to enjoy this beautiful paradise located in Bavaro Punta Cana. No matter your limitation, here we show you some ways to be ready at any time. You deserve to have a good time no matter what.

During this article we offer you many good options available for you and some services for tourists with special needs. You will have no restriction for travelling, so, you will be able to enjoy all the Hotels that we have in Punta Cana, Bavaro, La Romana, Cap Cana, Puerto Plata. We are basically located in Punta Cana but we can help you get what you need even in other cities of the country. Down here we show you some types of briefing equipments and medical oxygen for all your needs.

It is now possible for all the tourists and travelers who require medical oxygen to see all the beautiful things that our country have. There should not be no limitations for anyone who would like to visit us. Usually hotels do not provide this type of service and that is why we  offer some of the most important devices for you. We focus here in renting oxygen tanks or concentrators but also we have some other Handicap devices in other article.


We have many of the most important devices in order for you to have all accessibility and have your health in shape. Some of those will be detailed during the course of this article.


The Standard Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect choice for people who visit this beautiful part of the Dominican Republic. The Invacare oxygen machine is a perfect oxygen Concentrator, ideal when sharing a room with other people.

It offers a 1-5 Litres Per minute (LPM) supply of medical-grade oxygen. It comes included a 7’ nasal cannula and a humidifier bottle.


The Oxygen portable tank is an Oxygen Tank (POT) that comes with medical grade oxygen with up to 6 LPM or a continuous flow of up to 10 LPM. You can use it as a portable or stationary source of oxygen.

It contains an oxygen regulator and provides safe and secure self-contained oxygen. It comes with Oxygen Regulator and Nasal Cannula.

Oxigen e-tank PORTABLE

This Oxygen Cylinder E-Tank comes with an O2 Cart, an oxygen regulator, and a nasal cannula. This is compressed oxygen for medical use and it is stored in an aluminum cylinder.

This one comes with Oxygen Regulator, Cart on wheels, Nasal Cannula and Car Charger.

Resmed CPAP S9 H5i Heated Humidifier

The Resmed CPAP SlimLine Tubing is nowadays the favorite among CPAP users. In addition to this, it also has a smart-fit cuff design. This makes it very easy to attach and remove the tube from your machine and mask.

CPAP S9 comes with an Easy-Breath motor with axial air-flow and noise isolating materials. This is a very quiet machine that will keep you dreaming well.

Resmed CPAP AirSense 10 AutoSet

The AirSense 10 is a premium CPAP machine specially designed for apnea patients. It is capable of detecting specific sleep states.

This CPAP monitors breathing patterns and will adjust the pressure settings depending on its data. This one includes a built-in humidifier and a quiet motor. It is very convenient also because of its LCD screen to help out the user.


Briefing devices may vary in their price. We recommend always filling out the form at the bottom in order to know the exact amount at the moment. Anyways, we can give you an average daily price.

Remember that we do not charge in advance. You will be paying as soon as you receive your machine.


Oxygen Concentrator                   $40

Oxygen Portable Tank                  $15

Oxygen E-Tank Portable              $20

RESMED CPAP                               $45


Briegin device oxygen concentrator
Briefing oxygen portable tank
Briefing oxygen E-Portable tank
Briefing device Resmed CPAP S9


Mobility electric devices in punta cana

Choosing the right mobility device can be a bit overwhelming sometimes if you are disabled and are not used to visiting other countries on a vacation. The best choice will be the one that you feel comfortable with. You have to choose something that you know will help you do your daily routine without any issues. You need something you are able to use easily. For example, if you know you will go a lot to the beach, then, you must rent a beach wheelchair. If you like to move by yourself, then, an electric scooter for the normal routine will be your choice.

If you know you just need a little bit of help for supporting your body, then, some walker will be fine. Always, remember that this is a different country and different climate. If you think you will have some breathing issues, then, you will be great with a good Oxygen concentrator. Also, if you need some mobility while taking a shower or doing your necessities, then, we can provide you with some useful equipment to help you out.

Most of this equipment is adjustable, so, you will be fine with it. Last but not least, we can get you some special transportation from the airport to your hotel or place you are staying and vice versa. This service will include one or two members with mobility disabilities and the other members of the family in the same transportation. We have all the best options for you in order to have the best vacations ever no matter what.

Handicap Devices that we have available in Punta Cana for you

We have Scooters that come in different models which are the six, four, and three wheels scooters. These have really great features such as adjustable handlebars, footpegs, headrest, etc. The scooters came to replace the powerless wheelchairs which still being a great choice as well if you would like to save some money when renting them and do some exercise at the same time.

Anyways, if you want to get some special time when visiting Punta Cana, we recommend motorized wheelchairs to get the best out of your vacation. These scooters come with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can easily power up the device for up to nine hours of use.

These scooters are most useful to people with either systemic or whole-body conditions, but who can control the directions tiller and sit in an upright position. These scooters have a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Besides the scooters mentioned before, we also have:

  • Normal wheelchairs
  • Rollators and walkers
  • Strollers
  • Beach wheelchair
  • Bath and shower accessories

During the holidays you would like to bring the whole family no matter their physical condition. With all the devices we show you here, you will have no difficulties in having the best time in Punta Cana Bavaro.

These mobility devices are very helpful in maintaining an upright body posture for people with disabilities as they move and see all the good things about this great place. If this is the first time you use one of these devices, we guide you on how to properly use the equipment so that you can operate it by yourself without any inconvenience.



If you already know the perfect choice for you, related to these devices, then, you can just fill in the details in the form at the bottom of the page with all that you are looking for, and we will give you the exact price for it.

Something to have in mind is that we do not charge through the website or email just in case someone texts you asking for money. All our charges are done in person. The day you arrange for the device to be sent, we send you the guy with it to your hotel or place you are staying at, and you pay him over there via cash or credit card.

Down here we show you a daily average price for each of the devices that we previously detailed on the page. When you fill the form out, we respond to you the email with the right prices at the moment that you will be paying in person when you receive the device.

Normal wheelchairs $25
Rollators and walkers $20
Electric Wheelchair $45
Beach wheelchair $55
electric wheelchair in punta cana
Walker rental in bavaro punta cana

Keep in mind that these are average prices that we are showing here. This can vary depending on the season, quantity, availability, exact device model, etc. Send the form below with all the detailed information and we let you know the exact price you will be paying when you receive the device or accessory.