Saona and Catalina Island

Saona and Catalina Islands are the most well-liked and frequently visited excursions in the country. In there we always have visitors who love the natural swimming pool in a quick boat ride and also includes a catamaran tour with views of the hotels surrounding the area so they can take pictures.  Usually, these excursions are done by fast boat, catamaran, or helicopter.

Both islands experience a consistently steady and dry climate. You may also have a regular or private excursion with VIP treatment that includes activities, music, and a visit to the natural pool with its crystal-clear bottom that is home to colorful tropical fish and untamed waters that are unlike anything you can imagine. The Caribbean Sea borders the coast of the islands, where sometimes you also could do some fishing there.

During the next paragraphs, I will be explaining all the details for Saona and Catalina, and how you can book for these ones.

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Saona Island Dominica Republic

On Saona Island, around the Laguna de los Flamencos, there are colorful little huts and a turtle sanctuary. To the east is the Cotubanama cave, where 113 bird species have also been recorded. The Manati is a marine mammal in danger of extinction, and there are also dolphins in the Juanillo and Catuano regions, where there is pre-Columbian rock art.

Saona is the largest island in the Caribbean may be seen on the country’s map. Buceo and beginner-level snorkeling are also practiced in the area, close to the water.

On Catalina Island, you will see all the beautiful feasts of hues and landscapes, with lush vegetation, fine sand beaches, and rocky formations like the Cabeza de Morgan that resemble a human face.

More than 500 plant varieties and 300 bird species may be found in the protected Parque National del Este’s ecological reserve, which is a portion of it.


Catalina Island Dominican Republic

For both, Saona and Catalina Excursion it usually starts at 7:00 am, when your tour guide will meet you in the lobby or another area of the hotel you are staying at. He or she will then cheerfully board the bus that will take you on your excursion, after which you will receive brief instructions about the whole itinerary. Once you arrive at the beach, a quick boat launch with a capacity of 25 people will be waiting for you to drive you to the Island (keep in mind that it is the same process for both Islands).

In about 15 minutes, we’ll take a little stroll through a naturally occurring pool.  In addition, we will take commemorative photos with the nearby visitors-protected sea stars. After that, we’ll head to the Manglares Refuge.

We will have a lunch buffet that includes grilled meat and poultry, potato salad, green salad, pasta in marinara sauce, bread, etc. After spending 3 hours and 30 minutes on the island, we will depart the island for a 45-minute total maritime voyage on the high seas on a catamaran with room for 65 people. The voyage will be accompanied by music, dancing, and drinks.

There are Private and Non-Private Excursions for Saona and Catalina, and both Islands have different prices detailed here.

Saona Island

– Non-private: $65.00

– Private (up to 6 pax): $600.00

Catalina Island

– Non-private: $85.00

– Private (up to 6 pax): $650.00

In order to book one of these Excursions, either the Saona or the Catalina one, you should fill out the form at the bottom. Some prices may vary according to the season, so, after you fill it out the form we will be contacting you with the exact amount.