Car Rentals in punta cana bavaro

Located right in the center of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers the perfect environment for your dream vacations, it does not matter in what season of the year you decide to visit us, Punta Cana will always be the right place for you and your loved ones.

Punta Cana is considered by most of our visitors to be the most beautiful place to visit in the Caribbean. If you would like to spend some good vacations with your family, this would be a perfect option, but remember that having a car rented in here will make your stay way better.

This city in the Dominican Republic was created by nature for people who needed to rest and have a relaxing time to escape from the stress of the daily routine. If you would like to enjoy having a good time in Punta Cana – Bavaro and really know how this culture is, you better spend some time outside the hotel you are staying at.

Sometimes taxis here are a bit expensive, so, if you would like to have some time outside, the best option will be to Rent a Car. Here is where we make that possible for you.

We are ready to make your experience here, a memorable dream. Our exotic beaches will call your attention and will make this place the one you will like to visit every year. Here we have all that you need to have a nice vacation, and We Love Punta Cana will make it possible with a car rental in Punta Cana to increase the chances to have an amazing time by helping you to get all that you need to achieve it.

Why would you want to spend some time traveling across the whole Punta Cana in order to pick up your car? Here we can easily drive the car directly to the point you will be at when landing in the country. Here the car comes to you.

We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So, anytime you need our services, we will be there for you.



Here is where we make possible all that you will be needing in order to have some splendid vacations. We have a variety of vehicles of different sizes available for you to rent at the best price on the market.

Some of the vehicles that we have available are detailed down here. Remember that if you are looking for a car in specific and it is not detailed here, we will find it for you. This means that for any car that you are looking for, we will get it for you.

Some of the vehicles that we have here for you are:

  • Kia Sportage
  • Kia K5
  • Kia Rio
  • Nissan Versa
  • Jeep Patriot

Something to keep in mind is that here you will avoid the hassle of finding a gas station when receiving your vehicle. You will pick up your car with a full tank and no need to return it back with the same fuel. We make it easy for you. Here we do whatever fits you best.

This is the best place for business travelers and tourists who really would like to enjoy a professional, effortless and comfortable service with the best car rental experience.

Also, forget about returning your car to its original location. You are able to leave it in some other place, we just have to coordinate where to receive it and we will be there for you.



Here, in We Love Punta Cana we don’t usually receive payments through the website. We really care about your credit information, so, if in any case, you receive a message related to some payment, it may not be related to us.

Our services are paid in person as soon as you receive your vehicle. That is why we do not have fixed prices. We can give you an average price on the cars that we have available, but this may vary depending on the season, exact model, etc.

nissan versa car rental punta cana bavaro
kia sportage car rental punta cana bavaro
kia rio rent car in punta cana bavaro
jeep patriot car rental punta cana bavaro
chevrolet tahoe car rental bavaro punta cana

Down here we detail the average daily price per vehicle:

Kia Sportage          $70

Kia K5                      $42

Kia Rio                     $42

Nissan Versa          $42

Jeep Patriot            $70

Remember that these are average daily prices, but you will always be able to fill out the form below so we let you know the exact price at the moment. Also, if you need a model in specific just let us know in advance and we will get it for you.

    We will have for you:


    • Jeep rental punta cana
    • Luxury car rental punta cana
    • Car rental punta cana bavaro
    • jeep rental punta cana