Best casinos in punta cana bavaro

Casinos in Punta Cana are a great complement to your visit to this great city in the Dominican Republic. Usually, some Resorts have their own Casinos and sometimes you just have to visit one from another hotel or just a local one. Here we are going to show you the recommended ones in Bavaro, Punta Cana, and how to get there. Keep an eye on every recommendation since it may or may not affect your stay.

First of all, let’s be clear about Casinos. As you may know, usually the house always wins. With that being said, you have to understand that the Casino always has more probabilities than you. Some people have good strategies to gamble and can win some money, but that is one within a hundred.

In Bavaro, Punta Cana we have big, small, good, and bad casinos. Here, we are going to show you just a few of the best ones and some good tips to get there in a comfortable way. Down here we show a couple of them, their exact location, and how big they are.

Punta Cana offers its visitors a unique fun and entertainment experience for Casino lovers. The city has a highly qualified customer service experience and a unique VIP area in the local market. It also has a wide variety of first-class activities and events within casinos. If you would like to visit one of these Casinos mentioned down here, please fill out the form at the bottom in order to set transportation for you.

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Hard rock casino punta cana

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana is the biggest Casino in the whole Punta Cana and is located in Km 28, #74, Blvd. Turístico del Este, Bavaro. This Casino counts with over 300 slot games and almost 30 table games with the great service of the dealers and casino team that will make you have a great time in here.

Tables have a minimum bet of $10 for tables, $15 for craps, the roulette minimum is $15, baccarat $100, and so on. The Casino is part of the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, so, you will have it very close to you if you are staying at this hotel. You can have some benefits if you are part of the Hotel. Inside the Casino, you will find the Oro Disco, which is one of the best in the area.

The Casino counts with good promotions, frequent jackpots, and an excellent service that will impress you. Do not hesitate and fill out the form at the bottom in order to book for your transportation.


Monday 7AM–7AM
Tuesday 7AM–7AM
Wed 7AM–7AM
Thursday 7AM–7AM
Friday 7AM–7AM
Saturday 7AM–7AM
Sunday 7AM–7AM



Avalon casino punta cana

Avalon Casino is an excellent place to have a wonderful time if you are a gambler. Avalon Casino is located in Arena Blanca, Ocean Dr, Bavaro, Punta Cana. This Casino was named before Tower Casino, just in case you hear about it. Some people still call it Tower Casino.

Avalon Casino contains more than a hundred electronic games and over 20 table games. It counts with over 25,000 square feet. This Casino also has a disco inside and this one it’s called Legacy Disco. This Disco has a great environment and you will have a great time there since it is “Punta Cana”.

Even though Hard Rock is bigger, this one also has excellent personnel that will let you be in a comfy and safe place to gamble your money at any time. Remember to fill out our form in order to book for your transportation to the Casino.


Monday 7PM–3AM
Tuesday 7PM–3AM
Wed 7PM–3AM
Thursday 7PM–3AM
Friday 7PM–3AM
Saturday 7PM–3AM
Sunday 7PM–3AM
Flamboyan casino punta cana

Flamboyan Casino is close to Avalon Casino in the same Ocean Dr, Arena Blanca, Bavaro, Punta Cana. Right now we can say they both have their pros and cons. Some gamblers prefer Avalon and others prefer Flamboyan. This last one has a little hotel with it and it will give you great offers if you are a common gambler here.

Flamboyan Casino is not as big as Avalon or Hard Rock, but have huge services that will make you enjoy the time here. You will see some promotions that they have and good snacks and drinks. It counts with almost a hundred slot machines and almost 10 table games.

This Casino has an amazing pro, and this is because of being a small Casino, you will have better benefits. The lowest minimum amount for table games is just $5 dollars. This is just one example of many of the benefits in comparison with the other bigger ones. Do not lose more time and book a transportation with us to get to Flamboyan Casino.


Monday 7PM–6AM
Tuesday 7PM–6AM
Wed 7PM–6AM
Thursday 7PM–6AM
Friday 7PM–6AM
Saturday 7PM–6AM
Sunday 7PM–6AM

Kviar casino punta cana

Kviar Casino Punta Cana is located in the Hotel Be Live Collection Punta Cana. This one is in Cabeza de Toro Street in Punta Cana. This Casino is far away from the other ones mentioned before, so, you will be surrounded of great Casinos in the whole Punta Cana.

At Kviar Casino, they create the best atmosphere for gaming and also they do some great live performances with a huge diversity and best quality. Kviar Casinos will bring you all the luck you need at your feet so that you can turn your nights into intense and unforgettable experiences during your vacations.

As we told you before, this Casino is inside the Kviar Hotel in Cabeza De Toro, and, as other Casinos mentioned here, this one also has its own Kviar Disco. In the disco, you will also have a great experience since they have a mix of our Dominican culture and American and European sound effects.

Kviar Casino counts with all the games you are used to. You will have blackjack tables, roulette, texas hold ’em, poker, slot machines, and some other games that will make your night a great experience. Do not lose more time and do not hesitate in contacting us to set your transportation to this marvelous place.


Monday 7PM–3AM
Tuesday 7PM–3AM


Thursday 7PM–3AM
Friday 7PM–3AM
Saturday 7PM–3AM
Sunday 7PM–3AM