Regular and VIP transportation in bavaro punta cana


This is another excellent choice that you will be booking with us. This is a bit different than the previous one. Here your experience will be way more comfortable since we have Tahoes and Suburbans at your service all the time, all days of the week. Down here we will be detailing all about it.

On this website as explained before, we have some good transportation services that will give you the best experience ever. You will start your vacation on the right foot. Usually, this VIP Transportation will be done with a Chevrolet Suburban or Tahoe vehicle depending on the availability at the moment you are booking. This service will include some regular champagne drink service if you would like to add it to the transportation service, if not, then, you will have the experience of a safe and comfortable service with one of our drivers that will love to share with you a great moment.

If you decide to arrange this kind of transfer, please, you can feel free to fill out at the bottom, a form that we have in order for you to let us know your information and preferred dates. Prices will differ according to the place you are staying at and the airport you are going to fly to but at the bottom, we also have some examples of an average price.

Remember that we do not charge in advance. We arrange this transportation for you and you will be paying the driver over there. This way you will avoid using your credit card and be safer about your personal credit information.

VIP transportation suburban tahoe in punta cana


This is a good choice that you will be getting in here. This transfer service will allow you to have a great and safe experience with your couple or loved ones. We explain to you down here all the detailed information about this kind of transportation that we have available for you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Here on this website, we provide several transportation services. One of those is Regular Transportation, which comprehends a go-and-back transfer from the airport to your hotel. Usually, this transportation will be arranged with a mini ban Hyundai H1 or a Toyota Sienna depending on the vehicles available at the moment. As this is Regular Transportation, you will be getting the benefit of having a private vehicle that will drive you to your destinations in the best safe way possible.

If you would like to arrange this transfer, please feel free to fill out the form that we have at the end of this page. If you are asking yourself how much is this ride, we do have some regular prices depending on the hotel you are staying at and how many people are going to be transported with you.

We do not charge in advance, we are going to book you this transportation and you will be paying the driver as soon as he drops you at your destination. This way, you will be more confident about this service and also avoid extra charges by paying online with your card.

Transportation in punta cana bavaro


This is the high-level transportation service we have available for you in order to start your vacations with some tremendous vacations. This service is really different than previous ones. It is more recommended if you are traveling with a big family. Here you can fit around 7 people besides your luggage. Down here in the next paragraphs we will detail all about this kind of transportation.

This limousine transportation service will include some liquor if you decide to, this way you will surprise your couple or your loved ones.

This service cost will vary depending on the passengers, location, luggage, etc. You will have the choice to add some liquor to it and as in previous transportation detailed above, this one will be paid in person to the driver that will take care of you during the whole trip. We do it this way because it will save you some trouble if you decide to cancel or upgrade your service. Another perk about it is that you will have more confidentiality related to your credit information.

Down here we have some estimates about how much you will be paying. Remember this can vary depending on many things like the passengers, destination, luggage, etc. In the next subtitle we explain the shuttle rates from the airport to your hotel.

Limousine transportation service in punta cana


As we said before, these prices will vary according to different things. For example, if you are going to be landing at the Punta Cana airport and you are going to Hard Rock Punta Cana, this is going to be cheaper than if you are landing at La Romana airport and are going to the Hard Rock Punta Cana. Anyways, we show some prices average down here. If you would like to know exactly how much is your trip, you just have to let us know by filling out the form and we will gladly let you know the exact amount and rates for the transportation from the airport.

– Regular Transportation with 4 passengers – 4 bags – PUJ Airport      $45

– VIP Transportation with 4 passengers – 4 bags – PUJ Airport             $55

– Limousine Transportation 7 passengers – 5 bags – PUJ Airport           $120

These prices will be just one way and are only estimates. This might vary according to what we described above. We will try to be as transparent as possible with you and anything you need to know please feel free to contact us at any time through the contact form down here. We will appreciate it even if you just want to have some clarification.

We are here to help you have some great vacations even if you do not use our services. We want to remind that we also have transportation punta cana to santo domingo and other cities.