Online Shop in Punta Cana

This online shop in Punta Cana has the best variety of things to buy when coming to the city without going out of your hotel. We have all that you need and what you may find in the souvenir and shopping malls outside.

Here, WeLovePuntaCana will bring to you all the items that you want to the commodity of the hotel you are staying at. You don’t even have to pay online, you will pay for everything when we deliver it to your hotel. This will avoid misunderstanding with our customers.

If you decide that it is better for you to pay online, then, we can provide you with a payment method, but so far, for us will be better to receive your payment as soon as we get there and you make sure you have all that you asked for.

The process to select your products will be just to fill out our form with all the items you would like to have delivered to your hotel. We then will re-confirm and our delivery guy will go to you. Something to have in mind is that we have a Delivery FeeĀ that will depend on how far the hotel that you are staying at is located.

The Delivery Fee can go from USD$25 – USD$40. We want to alert you about the fee in order to avoid future misunderstandings. Something to add is that if you want a different product different than the ones in the photos, you just let us know and we get them for you on a similar price.

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