Mobility electric devices in punta cana

Choosing the right mobility device can be a bit overwhelming sometimes if you are disabled and are not used to visiting other countries on a vacation. The best choice will be the one that you feel comfortable with. You have to choose something that you know will help you do your daily routine without any issues. You need something you are able to use easily. For example, if you know you will go a lot to the beach, then, you must rent a beach wheelchair. If you like to move by yourself, then, an electric scooter for the normal routine will be your choice.

If you know you just need a little bit of help for supporting your body, then, some walker will be fine. Always, remember that this is a different country and different climate. If you think you will have some breathing issues, then, you will be great with a good Oxygen concentrator. Also, if you need some mobility while taking a shower or doing your necessities, then, we can provide you with some useful equipment to help you out.

Most of this equipment is adjustable, so, you will be fine with it. Last but not least, we can get you some special transportation from the airport to your hotel or place you are staying and vice versa. This service will include one or two members with mobility disabilities and the other members of the family in the same transportation. We have all the best options for you in order to have the best vacations ever no matter what.

Handicap Devices that we have available in Punta Cana for you

We have Scooters that come in different models which are the six, four, and three wheels scooters. These have really great features such as adjustable handlebars, footpegs, headrest, etc. The scooters came to replace the powerless wheelchairs which still being a great choice as well if you would like to save some money when renting them and do some exercise at the same time.

Anyways, if you want to get some special time when visiting Punta Cana, we recommend motorized wheelchairs to get the best out of your vacation. These scooters come with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can easily power up the device for up to nine hours of use.

These scooters are most useful to people with either systemic or whole-body conditions, but who can control the directions tiller and sit in an upright position. These scooters have a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Besides the scooters mentioned before, we also have:

  • Normal wheelchairs
  • Rollators and walkers
  • Strollers
  • Beach wheelchair
  • Bath and shower accessories

During the holidays you would like to bring the whole family no matter their physical condition. With all the devices we show you here, you will have no difficulties in having the best time in Punta Cana Bavaro.

These mobility devices are very helpful in maintaining an upright body posture for people with disabilities as they move and see all the good things about this great place. If this is the first time you use one of these devices, we guide you on how to properly use the equipment so that you can operate it by yourself without any inconvenience.



If you already know the perfect choice for you, related to these devices, then, you can just fill in the details in the form at the bottom of the page with all that you are looking for, and we will give you the exact price for it.

Something to have in mind is that we do not charge through the website or email just in case someone texts you asking for money. All our charges are done in person. The day you arrange for the device to be sent, we send you the guy with it to your hotel or place you are staying at, and you pay him over there via cash or credit card.

Down here we show you a daily average price for each of the devices that we previously detailed on the page. When you fill the form out, we respond to you the email with the right prices at the moment that you will be paying in person when you receive the device.

Normal wheelchairs $25
Rollators and walkers $20
Electric Wheelchair $45
Beach wheelchair $55
electric wheelchair in punta cana
Walker rental in bavaro punta cana

Keep in mind that these are average prices that we are showing here. This can vary depending on the season, quantity, availability, exact device model, etc. Send the form below with all the detailed information and we let you know the exact price you will be paying when you receive the device or accessory.