Fishing day excursion in punta cana

Fishing in Punta Cana will cover a small portion of the beautiful and amazing activities to to when coming to Punta Cana, Bavaro. One of the main draws of the Caribbean, and specifically the Dominican Republic, is its incredible biodiversity, which is typical of tropical locations. In addition to allowing people to enjoy pleasant baths every day of the year, the waters that surround the Dominican Republic’s coast also allow for the practice of fishing, allowing people to bring in a large variety of species.

Punta Cana stands out as a destination that is ideal for sport fishing since it has some of the largest coral reefs and coral reef arrecifes in the whole Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. You may practice deep-sea fishing, fishing with moss, and fishing in lakes among the myriad opportunities that the Caribbean offers for fishing.

It takes around four hours to complete a fishing trip in Punta Cana’s high seas. Companies that organize such trips can pick up customers at their hotel’s front door. Although the marine diversity of the Caribbean is rather extensive and depends on the time of year that a visitor makes their trip, several species, such as the espada, vela, atun, barracudas, mahi-mahi, stand out particularly.

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fishing in punta cana experience

Fishing in Punta Cana will be a 20-minute ride in our cozy, air-conditioned van from your All-Inclusive resort in Punta Cana. We will take you deep-sea fishing for around 4 hours in the well-liked Cabeza de Toro area, famous for the annual international white marlin tournament, on board one of our 35 to 40-foot fishing boats with a skilled crew. The best method for catching the largest fish is trolling. You will enjoy the pleasure of fishing with a maximum of 6 individuals and 6 rods, perhaps 1 or 2 observers.

Enter Punta Cana’s deep waters for an elevated fishing experience with all of the necessary equipment and guidance from a seasoned captain. The captain will have the best chances of returning to land with a trophy-caliber catch thanks to his knowledge of the area. You can choose the level of instruction you want to receive, making this trip suitable for both novice and experienced fishermen.

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whats included in fishing in punta cana trip

The fishing in Punta Cana trip will include a beautiful fishing boat with TV, bar, shower, and restroom. White leather coaches and a large cockpit with a lengthy sight that overlooks the fly-bridge and coaches. Wide, practical swim board with marine ladder for quick entrance to the water for swimming, snorkeling, or simply unwinding after a day of fishing.

The quantity of the catch in those seas ensures that our fishermen rarely return empty-handed. Marlin, tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi, and other fishes are all bred in the Atlantic Ocean. You will have top-notch fishing gear, fresh bait, the captain, and the first mate on board to help. On board, there will be an open bar with ice, rum, beer, coke, and sprite.

Prices may vary depending on the season and how many people are going with you. That is why we do not have an exact price for this activity. Anyways, we can give an average amount which is around $100-$120 per person, and discounts for groups of six for around $550-$600. This will include all that we described previously.

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