Dune buggies in bavaro punta cana

Dune Buggies in Punta Cana is one of the most amazing places where you can be when enjoying all the marvelous things that you can find in Punta Cana. You will be amazed by all the beautiful scenarios that you will be driving through with your buggy.

The Dune Buggies excursion is one of the most popular excursions in Punta Cana – Bavaro. This is going to be an unforgettable half-day adventure that you can enjoy with the whole family after having a year full of work, work, and work to succeed in life. Here, we will drive a Buggy through all the roads of the Punta Cana interiors. This tour will be full of pure adrenaline, fun, a little mud, and water. You will have the opportunity to discover a little bit of what our culture is about.

Here you will tour the paradise landscapes of Bavaro – Punta Cana on board your buggy. You will discover the beautiful and idyllic beaches of Punta Cana. Down here we explain to you what this is all about and will be showing you some greaat pictures of all the routes that you will be taking when you decide to come and visit us.

Dune buggies excursion in punta cana

how is the dune buggies itinerary in punta cana – bavaro?

Our beautiful excursion will start as soon as we pick you up from the hotel you are staying at in order to head to the Buggy Ranch in Macao. Once there, you will be receiving some instructions for your safety during the trip, your protective helmet, and an explanation so that you get familiarized with the different motors (four-wheels, polaris, and buggies). You will have the chance to know a bit about how your vehicle works for about ten minutes and then the adventure begins.

Do not forget that at the Buggies Ranch we have some good accessories that you may need for the way, like goggles, face handkerchiefs to cover from the dust, phone water protector, etc. Our first stop will be at Macao Beach, where you will have the chance to refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters and, clean off all the mud that you got accumulated during the trip through dirt roads and large mud puddles. Anyways, sometimes they vary the order of the places you visit.

After the beach, we will drive again the dirt tracks, to join the Cacao place at a typical coffee and cocoa ranch, where they will explain to you the whole process of producing the coffee, the cocoa, and the cinnamon. You can taste their products and if you like them, then you can buy them without taxes. It is at this same place where you will meet the indigenous people (mini show).

Back on the road, you finally will arrive at Cueva Taína. This is a cavern with crystal clear waters, where you can take a bath again to clean the mud and then we prepare to finish. After the bath, we return to the place of departure (Buggies Ranch in Macao) and take you back to where they picked you up four hours ago.

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    How much and how do you pay for the dune buggies excursion in punta cana – bavaro?

    Here, in We Love Punta Cana we do not receive payments through our website, and this is because we really care about your credit information. We know sometimes it is hard for someone who doesn’t know you to pay through a website that you don’t know at all.

    To avoid inconveniences, our services are paid for in person as soon as we pick you up at your hotel. This is why we don’t have fixed prices. They can vary depending on the persons in the buggy, the season, the availability, etc. Down here, we are going to give you an average price on the motors that we have, but what we really recommend is to fill out the form that we have at the bottom so that we can tell you the exact price for your selection.

    Remember these are average prices and this can vary. If you fill out the form below, we let you know the exact price at the moment.

    Adults in a double buggy                 $45
    Adults in an individual buggy        $50
    Adults in a four-person buggy       $30
    Adults in double terracross            $70
    Adults in individual terracross      $90

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    Dune buggies in punta cana bavaro